Minnesota RØKKR Made a Vast Changes In the Rooster

Minnesota RØKKR Made a Vast Changes In the Rooster

According to the last statement of the speaker of the Minnesota RØKKR, the team decided to insert starting lineup Kaden "Exceed" Stockdale, and at the same time, sent on the bench Adam "GodRx" Brown. Those decisions will only be actual for the season 2020 of the Call of Duty playoffs.

That news came from the team on the overall background of non-resultative and poor play in the last playoffs, where the Minnesota RØKKR appeared on the eight place in the global list. Those results are not good either for team members and fans as well.

Few Words From Team Coaches

The Minnesota RØKKR coaches released an official video on Twitter, where they spoke about that decision. They said that one of the main reasons for such a downturn of results is a slow play-oriented game of the whole team. Too many AR players, like Adam "GodRx" Brown, didn't quite hit the meta and lead to a vast number of losses.

According to them, that is the main reason why they decided to give an opportunity for Kaden "Exceed" Stockdale, who got a much faster and impetuous style of play. They said that it could provide a considerable boost to the whole team's efficiency.

The Minnesota RØKKR had one of the best chemistry among the whole bunch of teams across the Call of Duty playoffs season 2020 in the beginning. Let's hope that this decision can help them restore the lost potential and playback every missing point.

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