Minnesota Timberwolves May Be Sold

Minnesota Timberwolves May Be Sold

According to some information, the Minnesota Timberwolves that was bought by Glen Taylor in 1994 wants to sell the franchise, and potential basketball stars may depart to New Orlean. That team showed in the playoffs only once since the 2004 year. The owner of the team made a statement where he told that he's about to improve this "finance active."

More About the Both

According to the announcement that was done on Tuesday, Clan Taylor is looking for some way to increase the potential dividends. He already hired a few bankers to help him determine the most promising stocks. According to the insider information, some mysterious group proposed for the club more than $ 1 billion.

Bankers, along with the other tasks, also helped him to identify other bidders. That enabled him to low down the bid to an adequate and avoid the overpricing. As a result, for now, he owns the team, but the members are quite disturbing about their future.

More About Minnesota Timberwolves Reactions

Firstly, all of the team members signed a petition, where they asked to keep them in Minnesota, but not to move to New Orlean or any other town. Unfortunately, as it's not understandable now, who will both the team, it's not entirely understood where they can be potentially moved.

Former of the Timberwolves is also decided to make a bid but on the late stages of the bargaining. Most of the players thought that it would be an ideal variant for the whole team.