UFC No Spectators Bout Was Brutal

UFC No Spectators Bout Was Brutal

Dana White, the UFC president, saw countless different fights, but even he agreed that the last UFC tournament was extremally brutal.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the decision made to hold three different UFC competitions behind closed doors. On the 14th of May, the second one conducted. And it was something!

More About the Fight

The bout took place at the Jacksonville, Florida, on this Wednesday. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there were no spectators during this competition.

This fight was between the light heavyweights Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira. They both are the contenders for the champion title in the light heavyweight category.

The bout continues for five rounds, full of blood, violence, heavy punches, and pain. During the penultimate round, Smith was simply pummeled by Glover Teixeira. Anthony couldn't do anything about it. Before the final round, Smith told his corner that his teeth fell on the floor. Brazilian fighter dominating across the whole bout and won at the end of the fifth round with the TKO.

The Statements

"I thought that Smith's corner wouldn't let him keep fighting," said Glover Teixeira. "Especially after his teeth began to fall from his mouth right on the floor. But, anyway, that only between him and his corner."

Smith reported in his statement that he got "two missing teeth, broken orbital bone, broken nose, and a considerable cut under his right eye. One tooth toward my back, and one in the front. And they were my natural."

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