Federer Redeems His Sportswear Logo

Federer Redeems His Sportswear Logo

Roger Federer, the famous swiss tennis player, had not worn his logo on the sportswear during official matches since 2018 when he decided to leave Nike and signed a contract with Uniqlo for 300 000 000 USA dollars.

But now everything changed because the tennis player reclaimed the rights for his RF logo that Nike owned, according to updates on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

The following delay for the Swiss tennis star to reclaim the rights for his logo has occurred mostly due to a contract on selling Nike developed and produced clothes with this logo to general buyers.

More About the Past Situation

In his interview with The Associated Press in 2018, Federer said: "My RF logo is now owned by Nike, but I know precisely that someday it will become mine again. I am hoping that soon Nike will give it back to me, as I am the only real owner of it."

"Those are my initials. They belong to me,'' continued Roger Federer. "The good thing is that I know exactly that they do not will belong to Nike forever. In a brief period of time, I will get all the rights for my logo again!"

Few Recent Updates About Swiss Tennis Star

Federer underwent severe surgery in February due to achondroplasia of the left knee. Now he recovered, but still will be missing a few of the upcoming tournaments and other significant sports events like French Open.

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