Kyrgios Slam the US Open Tournament Organizers for Their Selfishness

Kyrgios Slam the US Open Tournament Organizers for Their Selfishness

Among many famous tennis players are growing up displeasure, connected with the beginning of the new era of open tournaments worldwide. For example, the USA will begin those tournaments on the 31st of August.

One of the stars United States tennis players, Nick Kyrgios, said that the organizers of the US Open tournaments are very "selfish" and should avoid starting any kind of championships until the coronavirus outbreak will ends.

More About the US Opens

According to the last information obtained in the previous press conference of organizations that arranges the US Open last Tuesday, they decided to start the tournament behind closed doors.

At the same time, many famous star-level tennis players refused to take part in the following competition due to various reasons. Among them Simona Halep, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic.

Many different tennis players said that they would not take part in various tournaments in New York, as every day still registered many hundred new cases of coronavirus disease there.

More About Nick Kyrgios Statement

"My point is that every citizen of the USA who pushed the United States Open to start as soon as possible are very selfish," said Nick. "I need to take on a special suit to travel from Australia, and on my way back home, I need to stay for two weeks at the quarantine."

"It will be more comfortable and safer to avoid any travelings and tournaments nowadays," ended he.