Youssef Hossam Banned for Life for Match-fixing

Youssef Hossam Banned for Life for Match-fixing

Egyptian tennis player Youssef Hossam was banned for life from joining the professional tennis championships after he was proclaimed quilty in numerous match-fixing and different other corruption occupational sports schemes.

More About the Decision

Twenty-one years old, Youssef Hossam, was found guilty in twenty-one breathes of multiple corruption rules according to the Tennis Integrity Unit numerous investigations.

Also, there are many facts of betting-related corruption schemes, that were ruled by this professional Egyptian tennis player, were also revealed during a series of different examinations. They were mostly connected with the lower levels of sports competitors and championships.

The List of Suspicious Actions

He was also suspicious in May of the last year in the following list of breaking the tennis sport rules:

  • Match-fixing - eight cases
  • Facilitating gambling - six cases
  • Soliciting other players for worse playing - two cases

All of these suspicions were confirmed, and five more were added to the whole list. They are:

  • Failures to report corrupt approaches - three cases
  • Failures to co-operate with a TIU investigation - two cases

The Final Statement

"As we finally gathered all the information about the Egyptian tennis player Youssef Hossam case, now we can make a final decision," reported the Tennis Integrity Unit. "As a result of his actions, Mister Hossam is permanently excluded from a list of professional tennis players."

"He can't participate in any official competitions or try to attend any championships and events organized by our organization," said a TIU statement.

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