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American football
American football

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Professional American Football

Currently American football is the main sport in United States – it has the highest viewership numbers and is widely played in schools and universities. The main American football competition is NHL, which solidified its leading position in 1960s after absorbing the rival league AFL. Today National Football League consists of two conferences, and each of them includes 16 teams. Each season is split into three stages:

  • Preseason
  • Regular season
  • Play-off

Each team has to play at least four matches during the preseason. The matches are played for entertainment only, as their results do not affect teams’ rankings. For this reason, some teams do not play to the full extent of their power and instead treat preseason as a training ground and a chance to study their opponents.

The regular season lasts for 17 weeks, during which each team has to play 16 matches – overall, 256 matches are played during the season. The high number of regular matches make it significantly easier to find a betting option with profitable odds. Each conference sends six best teams to the next stage.

During the playoffs, teams are eliminated after their first lost match. Teams of different conferences start in different part of the bracket. Thereby, the grand final called Super Bowl features the best teams from each conference.

American football is also popular in Canada. Their local league – CNL – features nine teams that represent different cities. In Europe, national teams compete in the continental league called European Championship. Finland is the most successful nation with five titles under their belt.

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