Make bets on MMA – full contact martial art that became incredibly popular in United States in the nineties, subsequently gaining a lot of attention in Russia, Japan and Great Britain. We provide a user-friendly platform for sports betting with lucrative odds and juicy bonuses.

MMA Competitions

This sport discipline originated simultaneously in two countries in late 20th century – United States and Japan. The American organization received the name UFC, while the Japanese competitions were held under the name Pride FC. However, the American league absorbed Pride FC in 2007, and nowadays UFC organizes the most prestigious competitions around the world. However, there are some influential regional organizations, such as ACB in Russia and ONE Championship in Singapore. Since 2000, all MMA competitions abide the same set of rules. International MMA Federation was formed in 2012 and currently oversees competitions around the globe.

MMA Betting

The combination of various martial arts makes MMA a very spectacular and popular show, so many sports fans enjoy watching it and making bets on this sport.

Online bookmaker accepts bets not only on MMA, but also on a wide range of traditional and electronic sports. To register on our website, you need to be of full legal age. The registration process however is very quick and intuitive – you will be asked to provide your email and phone number or to authorize with your existing account in one of the social networks. When your account is ready, you will be able to deposit fund via one of the multiple available payment services. We guarantee the security of your funds and ensure fast withdrawal process. Our web portal offers our users some of the best odds on the market and regular bonuses for existing and new members.

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