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Professional Baseball

It is widely assumed that baseball is an American game; however, it is popular not only in United States – the game has strong positions in Japan, Korea and Cuba. Moreover, it is the Japanese national team that is considered to be the strongest in the world. Nevertheless, the most successful competition in terms of viewership and revenues is Major League Baseball, which consists of National League and American League. The leagues include 29 American and 1 Canadian teams. World Series is the pinnacle of MLB and features the best teams from both leagues. The other notable national leagues are held in Japan (NPB) and Korea (KBO). The biggest European leagues are held in Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

Baseball Betting

We accept bets on baseball and other sports and offer our users some of the best odds on the market. To start betting, you need to create account and make the first deposit. Once everything is set, go to the Sports section and find matches you are interested in. You will see the upcoming matches on the main page, while in the Outrights tab you will allow you to bet on results of future events. The history of past matches is stored in the Results tab.

The number of betting lines is displayed to the right of the “+” sign. For baseball, the main types of bets are:

  • Winner
  • Final Score
  • Handicap
  • Odd/even

Before making bets though, do not forget to check whether there are bonuses available, as they can significantly increase your potential prize!