According to numerous requests, GG.Bet launches CASH OUT!

Now you can sell the bet before it is setteled. This means that after placing a bet, you have the opportunity to get back a certain amount of money before the end of the event.

In case:

  • you are not sure about the outcome
  • event conditions have changed
  • your team is clearly losing

Cash out will help you to save part of the bet amount.

You can find out the amount of cash out for a specific bet in the sections "Betting slip - My bets" and "My bets - Bets History".

Terms & Conditions:

Cashout is an opportunity through which a site user can request an early calculation of his bet (before the full completion of a sporting event).

2. Cashout is offered only for bet type - Single. For individual matches or outcomes, the opportunity may not be offered by the company.

3. You can use cashout at any time after placing a bet and as long as the sell option is available for that bet. In some cases, the option to sell a bet may be unavailable for various technical reasons (inability to broadcast the match, technical errors in displaying the score, etc.), while the option may be resumed in the future.

4. To sell a bet, you must be a registered user, the opportunity is available in the sections of the site "Betting slip - My bets" and "My bets - Bets History". When opening the details of the bet, you must click the "Cashout" button at the bottom of your bet;

5. The available amount is displayed in the bet coupon in the "Cashout" line. The amount may vary and is calculated separately for each specific bet.

6. There may be delays in accepting a cashout request. A cashout request may be unsuccessful if the outcome has been canceled or has become irrelevant.

7. The offered cashout amount at any given time is the amount that will be refunded to your account if the request was successful.

6. Our site reserves the right to cancel the cashout in the following cases:

  • - The cashout amount was displayed incorrectly;
  • - The bet was sold after the outcome of the event on which the bet was made became known.
  • - If the bet or the outcome was settled by mistake;
  • - If cashout took part in bonuses or promotions;

If the action to sell a bet is canceled, the calculation will be made in accordance with the outcome of the sporting event on which the bet was made.

7. The cash out service cannot be used in conjunction with a free bet.

All bets sold through the cash out service will not be counted for cashback accrual, even if they meet the conditions.

All bets sold through the cash out service will not count towards bet insurance, even if they meet the conditions.

8. Our site reserves the right to change the conditions or not offer the cashout option without giving reasons and prior notice;