NEOM and Lec Partnership ended after staff resentment

NEOM and Lec Partnership ended after staff resentment

According to last week's statement of the League of Legends European Championship, the organization stopped its partnership with a big company NEOM. It happened just a few hours after the partnership was announced on various social media, and the reaction of the commentators and other staff members have arrived.

The Main Reason For Anger

The partnership announcement becomes unpopular as the NEOM is a Saudi Arabia organization, and its members follow Muslim Sharia Law. According to those laws, it's prohibited to be gay, or transgender, and they do not confess any types of same-sex marriages.

All the forms of behaviors mentioned above, due to a report by BBC, are punished pretty violently in Saidu Arabia. Those may end with different kinds of imprisonment, castration, a public whipping, and many various forms of other fines.

Few More Facts

During the past few weeks, the main accounts of the League of Legends European Championship association were touted with Pride-themed flags and had the thematic graphic on all of their broadcast. So it just didn't match the whole orientation of NEOM.

"As a big company, we made a great mistake," said the director of esports EMEA, Alberto Guerrero, during the Riot Games official press conference. "So that is the main reason why we ended our partnership with NEOM immediately. We would like to share our biggest apologies with the whole range of our fans and staff members, who got their feelings affected," ended the speaker.

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