One Championship in Singapore will take place in the empty stadium

One Championship in Singapore will take place in the empty stadium

The MMA fans have a reason to drop a few tears as due to coronavirus epidemy all the Singapore stadium next Friday will be closed for them during the fights. The One Championship`s chief makes his apologies and grants tickets refund to all the viewers.

He also said that public safety is the main priority for MMA main heads, so they will monitor all the countries where they planned to organize a show from a perspective of the epidemiological state before making the final decision about going it on behind the closed doors or in the open stadium. But in any case, all bouts that were planing in the past will be held.

Can the following situation happen again?

The One Championship will about to be organized 20 more different events in Asian countries: 17 in the different South-east countries, 2 in China and 1 in Japan. Now, it seems that the fans will not see these fights by their own eyes, just like poor Singaporean MMA fans.

We are also like to say, that this is not the only MMA fight that suffered from a coronavirus outbreak with a one hundred percent guarantees. The event in Chongqing on the 11th of April will be moved to Jakarta. In any case, the bout of One Championship will be still broadcasting in many different online platforms, so fans can still look at their favorite fighters through the screens of their devices.

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