Battle of the Brits Team Tennis: Some Results

Battle of the Brits Team Tennis: Some Results

The Battle of the Brits is a marvelous tennis championship that should end this Sunday. That team, which will get the 60 points first, will win the competition. There will be 20 doubles matches, and 40 single games will play during the season. For now, it's not quite clear who is going to be the winner.

Results Among Men Pairs

Lloyd Glasspool, alongside with one of the most popular Scotland tennis players, Andy Murray, significantly got the gap for their team much tighter by a perfect play in a men's double game.

Playing in one team, named the Union Jacks, they were made a real suffer for the British Bulldog pair of tennis players, who was Dom Inglot and Alastair Gray. The final score was 6-4 6-4. Those two made a considerable contribution to the potential win of their team.

Single Matches

Heather Watson's, the teammate of the Lloyd Glasspool and Andy Murray, also did a lot, and even more. She won a match from a 17-teen year old young and pretty skillful Emma Raducanu.

Three more single matches with participation of Anton Matusevich, Jan Choinski, and Jodie Burrage were also won by the Union Jacks members. That team struck a lot yesterday, that's for sure!

At the same time, Kyle Edmund got the only point for the British Bulldogs in yesterday's games. It seems like the British Bulldogs will lose their winning positions pretty soon. Let's keep looking and cheer for your favorite athletes!