Cancellation of Washington Open Will Not Affect US Open

Cancellation of Washington Open Will Not Affect US Open

According to the last statement of the United States Tennis Association, there is no way that the cancellation of the Washington Open will somehow affect the US Open championship. The Washington Open tournament was canceled due to a worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

More Info About Opens

The US Open, along with the Cincinnati Open, are both should be held in New York. The US Open will start from the 13th of August, and the Cincinnati Open starting date is still being discussed, but most of all, it will begin from the 20th of August.

According to recommendations of the expert group of healthcare professionals, a few different special features should be included. For example, according to the last statement, the United States Tennis Association fulfilled a healthcare community's recommendation and decided to hold the US Open behind the close doors. So fans will not have an opportunity to watch their favorite tennis player matches in real life.

Few more words

"There are three main principles that guide us today. They are - societies safety and health, tennis players and fans community interests, and last but not least, financial viability," said the official speaker of the USTA during the last briefing.

The WTA and the ATP tours have been canceled since March. There is a wast possibility that the WTA tour will be continued since the 3rd of August, along with the start of the Palermo Open. Those will be the first returning of the big tennis since the beginning of the pandemic.