Serena Williams Went To the Tennis Court Together With Her Daughter

Serena Williams Went To the Tennis Court Together With Her Daughter

It's pretty unusual today for celebrities and athletes to show their kids. But Serena Williams took her three years daughter, named Olympia, to the court. That almost three years old girl, who will celebrate her third birthday, and showed pretty good game results!

Few words About the Match With a Daughter

Serena Wiliams posted photos in her Instagram account, where she gave a high five to Olimpia and left the court. Olympia at this photo leaves her racket, and her mom picks it up. They are smiling and seem feeling comfortable and peacefully.

Olimpia and Serena Wiliams are both dressed in the suits of the same color - purple. These outfits, according to the commentary of Serena, helps to feel them as one team.

Some Info About Serena Future Career

According to the statement of Serena's coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, it's pretty unlikely that the tennis star will play in the upcoming WTA Tour in August. The main reason to disagree in participation is that Serena will not play if her daughter and husband can't support her directly on the court.

Also, Williams made a video where she said that she would take part in the US Open, and upload it to the social media. All her fans were pretty pleased to see this kind of information.

She is already starting intensive training as she didn't play tennis since February when the coronavirus outbreak begins. SO, now she's had to get to shape.