The USTA Demand Not to Play Tennis During Quarantine

The USTA Demand Not to Play Tennis During Quarantine

The Friday statement of the United States Tennis Associations includes advice that restricted playing tennis during the coronavirus outbreak.

The USTA also said they would update information as any new data from the scientific researches, medical advisors, and virologists will come up.

More About the Statement

"Our statement is based on the official recommendation of the USTA COVID-19 Advisory Group, so we believe that it will be much better for all of us to stop gathering at courts according to the worldwide situation", mentioned in the statement.

"Even if there are no specific evidently based scientific researches about tennis and coronavirus, our medical advisors say that it can be potentially spreading via tennis ball, net posts, benches, gate handles and, possibly, even through the surface of the court", the statement continues.

"According to that, we should avoid visiting tennis courts, not just for the safety of every tennis player, but also to prevent spreading the virus among all our communities. Meanwhile, everybody can do their home exercises and play different creative tennis at home variations," says in the statement in its end.

More About Tennis World And Coronavirus

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of different tennis championships were held over the closed doors or even were canceled entirely.

For example on this Wednesday, this year's Wimbledon tennis championships were canceled. The ATP and WTA tours were delayed until the 13th of July. But the US Open will be hosted as scheduled.

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